Eurosentiment Generator

Eurosentiment Generator

A tool to convert external formats to EUROSENTIMENT format.

This tool will take several input formats and translates them to MARL, ONYX and other formats in use in EUROSENTIMENT.

EUROSENTIMENT Generator is under heavy development. As of this writing, it supports:

  • Creating and administrating translation templates (admin level)
  • Editing templates to convert traditional formats (csv, tsv, xls) formats to Marl and Onyx
  • Using the available templates to translate known formats through this portal or via POST requests
  • Saving or outputting the result

In the future, we might include the following features:

  • Conversion of semantic formats
  • Automatic translation between semantic formats (e.g. RDF to JSON-LD)
  • Auto selection of the best template based on the input format

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